Supply Chain Management Center (SCMC)

The Supply Chain Management Center (SCMC) is a service organization that works closely with Department of Energy (DOE) contractors to leverage $4B of annual spend, to yield lower prices and optimize business systems, providing cost savings and value to our customer, the DOE. Our success is attributed to our close working relationships with the contractor locations, as well our focus on achieving the mission & vision, while measuring performance to established goals. See our highlights page.

Our Vision

To add value to the contractor acquisition process, by creating a strategically driven function, leveraging the combined contractor spend dollars across the communities.

Our Mission

To work closely with the National Security Enterprise and Environmental Management contractor sites to implement, maintain and continuously improve a common enterprise system to leverage procurement spend and lower the total cost of acquisition.

Focus Areas

  • Strategic Tools - eSourcing/eProcurement, eStore/Marketplace
  • Commodity Agreements
  • Client Requirements - In-depth understanding of internal purchasing needs
  • Strategic Planning - Insight and knowledge of commodity/supply markets
  • Approach - Inclusive, collaborative method used to drive solutions

The SCMC Team

From Left to right: Karen Cassell, Marc Gatewood, John O'Connell (seated), Anthony Jenkins, Paul Biagioli, David Weatherford (seated), Bryan Rhodes, Brent Wilson, Bill Marks (seated), David Boyd, Doug Ward, and Dawn McWilliams. Scott Bissen (not pictured),